DIY Bathroom Decor Part 2

This is my March post for Crafty Mermaid still since I was a day late on February! So, since I am a nautical freak, my sister and I decided to decorate the guest bathroom at her house nautical like. If you want to see part 1, you can do so HERE. I have recently become enraptured by gallery walls so I wanted to add only pieces that I made to be cost efficient and feel proud of the work. Only two pieces were purchased. So, let’s break this gallery wall down.

The four canvas paintings were painted by myself with blue, white, and black acrylic paints. I really like to paint and it felt right to keep all four pieces with transitional motions. The bottom left hand corner canvas, I made short sound wave motions across the canvas. The second one I did by taping down 1″ chevrons, taking the longest, and painting them quickly so I could take the tape off before any paint got stuck. For the next one, I decided to do a traditional transition of color from light to dark on one. The last one is a straight column transitional piece and has the most white, I think, and did the same process as the chevron.

I purchased the seashell and starfish from A.C. Moore along with the plastic clear picture frames. The two images were taken with my phone and the one on the left actually has me and my sister in it. I went to the beach on vacation over a year ago and I still love to know that I was able to capture some good memories.

What theme is your bathroom, if any?

-The Mermaid Network

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