Style Me – Princess Jasmine


Have you ever wanted to be a modern day Jasmine? Well, here is are three things that you can probably find in certain stores, depending on what they sell, and get yourself something similar.
I actually have a shorter crop top in this color from JCPenney and if you can find it there, you can find it anywhere. I think that this isn’t as bold as Jasmine’s off the shoulder crop top bralette, but this is definitely a good alternative.
I love these harem pants! Harem pants came back into style a few years ago and now they are sold almost anywhere. Check Urban Outfitters if you really want a pair, they are pretty much a boho chic store. I love the print and how they would go well with the crop top. I also think that you can use them as lounge pants if you really wanted to.
You can find earrings like these at almost any store, really. I love the geometric shape and although they are not giant like Jasmine’s they are kind of inspired by the middle east.

-The Mermaid Network

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