How to Start Trying New Places

You know that one person who only wants to eat one thing or at one place and it drives you crazy, right? It isn’t that you don’t enjoy the place or food but you want a change in scenery. I love going to try new places and I wanted to share some tips to how you or someone you know who eats the same thing to try something new.

– Find a similar restaurant –
You can easily find something similar to what you already eat. I love Chipotle but I have heard that it is similar to Moe’s and Qdoba. I intend to try it but if you haven’t yet branched out to another culture, you can at least branch out to a similar restaurant.

– Special Occassions –
Does someone you know have a party at a restaurant you have never tried? Going to a birthday party at a restaurant you have never been to is the best way to branch out and try something new. Maybe you never knew how much you needed schwarma in your life until now.

– Make the Initiative –
Oh, that restaurant right beside the one you always go to? I know, it is hard, but going to somewhere else close by may not be as hard as it may seem. By going near your favorite place you can easily head over there if the other restaurant isn’t up to par, it is a win-win, you get food no matter what.

– GPS or Friends –
Word of mouth is a huge thing, yeah we have social media but there is nothing like your co-worker or friend raving about a new place that makes you want to think about trying it. Also, apps such as Urbanspoon and Waze can help you locate restaurants close by.

I hope that these tips were helpful to you! What new restaurants are you trying?

-The Mermaid Network

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