Style Me – Snow


Snow is a very fickle thing, one moment it can seem whimsical and other times it can become so deadly that you are hiding for cover. I think that the three images that I chose really help define snow and what it can really tell you. For me, whenever I see snow it is a sign of a blank slate.
Snow is commanding, no matter if it is falling gently or gusting in the wind and will make sure that you know it whether you are walking the streets or in your car being rattled by the wind.
Snow is soiled rather easily with exhaust from cars so this ombre dress is kind of that defining line of being perfectly white to dark and muddy.
Of course, the last one must be whimsical and light because most of us have grown up with the idea of snow falling down onto our tongues and into our hands. If you have yet to experience snow, you can enjoy the multitude of Christmas movies our there that have plenty of snow. It’s March but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch Christmas movies.

-The Mermaid Network

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