2 Easy Snacks That Will Last You All Week

Just to let you all know in advance, this is more of a breakfast and snack option that you can have to make life easier because in the morning, who is really awake? Not to mention that we all need that pick me up.

Strawberry Cereal To-Go


Some days you really don’t have time to pour a bowl of cereal and devour it before going to work. I love Special K cereal, the strawberry kind, and I was so surprised at how similar a strawberry parfait with granola is like Special K with milk. This is so easy to prep because you can do it the night before or even earlier in the week.

I know that you can easily buy the pre-packaged yogurt version of this but if you use fresh strawberries, it makes all the difference and it is healthier than whatever preservative the companies are using to keep the fruit fresh.

What you need:
– Strawberries –
– Yogurt  –
– Granola (or any crunchy element you like) –
– Container/Mason Jar (however much you think you will eat) –
-Optional: Plastic Bag/Smaller Container –

Basically, all you need to do is cut up your strawberries when they are close to ripe or ripe, depending if you are eating your parfait later in the week or tomorrow.

You can get as creative as the image above or you can just place your yogurt in your container and then put your fruit on top and then your granola. If you are not eating your parfait right away you might want to place your granola/crunchy topping into a small bag or smaller container to keep them hard.

All you have to do is place your parfaits into the fridge and you have an easy breakfast for the whole family! I think that this is less messy than cereal because it is really difficult to eat cereal on the go and healthy too.



Ah, a great wonder I found out about late last year/early this year. I love pomegranates but they sure can be messy! However, these are great as a snack that has a sweetness and crunch, from the seed, so it is like getting more than what you ask for in a fruit since most are squishy. Pomegranates are relatively cheap compared to other fruits sold nowadays. I recently had two pomegranates and all those little seeds ended up filling a 15 oz container to the brim. You can easily separate this into smaller containers so that anyone in your family, or yourself, can easily access the pomegranates without overeating your share. By doing so, you save more pomegranates for the following days.

Hope that this helps you!

-The Mermaid Network

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