Review: St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

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Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I cannot believe that I didn’t do a review on this St. Ives product, specifically! I cannot tell you how much this has done for me. Now, there are two different types, as seen above, and there are slight differences that you will learn about. I will recommend right now that you do not use it every day if your acne isn’t too bad and you don’t have a lot of oil or have dry skin. I used to put it on every day and it dried my skin out to where flakes were falling from my T-zone and cheeks were flaking, even my eyebrows. I use it twice a week now to reduce the amount of dryness and apply a generous amount of moisturizer. If I have a really bad breakout I will just use this scrub on that area after cleansing.

Packaging: Both are in the same kind of packaging which is great because I can squeeze out every last bit, sometimes at the end it can get a little tricky. You have to treat it like a tube of toothpaste at the end so that you get it all because there is still product left, trust me.

Durability: Acne is no more. I know that neither claims to remove acne but it actually helps calm down active acne and removes it in a couple of days depending on how severe it is. I can tell that my acne grew calmer almost instantly and was less red. I cannot tell you if it really removes blackheads, but if you have them, let me know in the comments if they really do or not.

Pigmentation: Gritty and green. Both are gritty scrubs though the blackhead one, to me, is much finer in texture than the blemish control version. If that helps you decide which one to choose, you can take that into consideration. The green is almost witch-green and it smells like green tea, surprise, which is really nice and calming after a long day.

Budget: This runs about $5-6 and is really great to get rid of a lot of acne and control the amount of acne you get.

-The Mermaid Network

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