An Article to Inspire You

You know, there is so much negativity in this world whether it come from your personal life or on social media. I try my best to look at social media with a positive light because I can control what I see and don’t see. I love that. I love that I am in control of something that can bring me joy. Sure, there are friends who go through tough times and it is always a great thing when I can be of company to them during that. Counterbalancing the sadness in others lives, I choose to have happy things to stabilize my life. I follow Buzzfeed on Facebook and some of you might find Buzzfeed to be something silly but they can have some pretty inspiring articles like this one: 15 Stories From People Who Found Their Unexpected Dream Jobs. I would love to just stumble upon my dream job, something in the design realm or fashion, but alas I have yet to come to that. I also wish for The Mermaid Network to grow into a place where who knows what could happen?

I won’t give up and I want all of you Fleeters to at least read one because it can inspire you to remember your dream and work hard for it, even if it isn’t easy. I promise that you won’t regret reading even a part of this article because it is awesome.

Which dream job did you find most interesting?

-The Mermaid Network

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