CasaRita’s Mexican Grill


CasaRita’s Mexican Grill is a place that I wouldn’t normally pick above all else based on the name but when you go in, it can be life changing.

STAFF: Absolutely a pleasant force of great people. I didn’t feel like I was ignored or would end up regretting a new place. The hostess wasn’t at the desk but she was attentive enough to greet us immediately upon arriving at the hostess desk. We were seated promptly and our server came over, Christine, and she was bright and happy. I can definitely say that she was a huge help in making my first experience great. Christine made sure we knew when plates were hot and refilled drinks promptly. I didn’t feel like she hovered too much, always nice to know.

DECOR: I love everything about the location! I went to the one in Matthews, NC and they have amazing lighting fixtures! A wide diameter that had star cut outs and bare bulbs. The bar section was nice since it had six flat screens so you could definitely come on game night. I liked that the space didn’t seem cluttered and felt open. I love that the place has a rustic feel without looking old and the toilets are a golden brown color. I know that it is weird to mention toilets but they really though this out since their toilets are matching their walls and flooring!

Casa Rita's


FOOD + MENU: The menu is rather simple so you aren’t overwhelmed with too many options. You get your basics of tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, etc. I like that there are originals that are their own creations.

I love that the appetizers are reasonably priced. My sister ordered the queso loco and it was only about $1 more than the queso blanco. The Queso Loco: Homemade queso layered with refried beans, seasoned taco beef, melted Jack and Cheddar cheeses, topped with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. Does that not sound delicious? When it came out it was nice and hot and so good. The presentation of it looked appealing too (we ate it too fast to get a picture, we were really hungry). I will say now that their queso is the best queso I have ever had, and it was the original queso so it wasn’t even the blano kind! I also ended up ordering the chicken tejano. I was excited but, sadly, it wasn’t up to par like the queso loco.

The Chicken Tejano: Freshly grilled marinated chicken breast topped with a blend of sautéed mushrooms, onions, poblano peppers, pico de gallo and Monterey Jack cheese. Served with Mexican rice and Charrro beans. My opinions on this dish are that the chicken was alright, slightly on the dry side. I actually didn’t find any mushrooms, maybe because they had been cooked so much that they were barely visible. I didn’t quite taste the onions either. I had the poblano peppers on the side and only ate about half of them. The pico was really fresh and I don’t normally eat it, it was rather good. I didn’t eat the beans because I thought it would be on the plate rather than in a small cup and similar to a bean soup. Really filling and cost $10.79.

I would definitely say that what I ordered was one of the more expensive items and I can’t think that anything else is more expensive other than possibly the fajitas.

-The Mermaid Network


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