|*| Monthly Update |*| February 2015 |*|

TMN-MonthlyUpdatesOh, my birthday month has gone and passed now. I guess I can say that February has been a pretty good month thus far. I think that now that I am going to college it really makes me nervous to keep pushing forward because I know that my days will grow shorter and shorter, or at least it will feel like it. I just want you all to know that I will do my best to make sure that you all will have 100% of me in as much capacity as I can muster!
TMN-General1. I am slowly starting to integrate my own images to TiffanytheShopaholic because I used to do that but didn’t have an amazing set up. I have better lighting now and will probably start to take pictures of my own and post them up. I hope that you enjoy them!

2. Now, I know that this might make me a little too OCD but I am going through all my posts and, hopefully, making everything left aligned because I like that better. If you see one that I missed, just comment on it so I can see it and change it. I tried but there are over 700 posts so I may have missed some.

All of my social media links are on the sidebar so that there is less on there. I don’t want my sidebar to be full of stuff so I just made a links section that will lead you to my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google+.

TMN-WelcomeWelcome to the newest Fleeters from this past month! I am also including my Tumblr peeps because I appreciate you too!

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WordsbyJes | heyitscarlyrae | gradypbrown | Josbons | Marie (Mary) Abbott | The Iron Door: Home Furniture and Style Blog | A Very Glam Guide | darlydarly | Magdalena | sunnysleevez

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| planetearthisfine | wantering-jewelry | fullyjollysublime | mararagi |

For March I am planning on sharing snacks that will last you all week (unless you devour yours like I do), my signature scents, a really yummy breaded recipe and more!

-The Mermaid Network

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