If I Wrote a Book


Since starting this full blown website of content, I have really thought about writing more. I have always started a book and then chopped it down after ten pages. Once, I typed out a novel that was well over 200 pages but trashed it. I think that was the only time I actually committed to a story. Right now, typing out content for all of you, I love it. I love to know what my thoughts are forming to create a solid piece five days a week. I do wonder too, what kind of book would I write if I could?

YouTubers tend to write about their profession, like makeup gurus about makeup and all of that. I think that my mind wanders through fantasy and the idea of mermaids and dragons and all of those supernatural creatures. I haven’t read a good story of a supernatural creature in a while since I have committed to authors I have been following for years. I just wanted to type this out and I wonder what kind of stories you like and if you were a writer, what would you write about?

-The Mermaid Network

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