Top 3 – 87th Oscar Red Carpet

All images from Oscar! The first dress below is what really captured my attention!

 Anna Kendrick always stands out and this blushing pink gown is just so. I love that this dress has a simple silhouette and shows off enough skin to still stay really classy. The collar really steals the show in a way that it is the only jewelry any girl would need on such an amazing night.

Ugly Betty!! I mean, America Ferrera! I haven’t seen her in the limelight for a while but this dress just oozes lightness with the layers of sheer fabrics. I love that the underlying light fabric brings dimension to the green-ish tones from the top layer. The bust has a lot of small details with what looks like pleats and her hair really shows off the neckline.

Scarlett Johansson is flawless in this emerald green gown that makes her look so lean and tall. I love that this body hugging dress shows off her curves and accentuates the human figure. The necklace is insane because it makes her neck look elongated. Not to mention that the cool sharp panels add some really cool dimension to an otherwise simple gown.

Who was your favorite look on the red carpet?

-The Mermaid Network

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