Review: Garnier Purifying Foam Cleanser

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I have to say when you are on the hunt for a new cleanser in the shower, it is great to try things new so you can find out if it works for you or not. Also, I seem to be on a grapefruit and pomegranate kick, both in beauty and food, who knew?

Packaging: Confusing. I cannot tell you how confusing this was for me at first. Yes, I realized after that this bottle is not like any other bottle I have seen for a cleanser. Almost like a foam soap dispenser but still squeezes like a cleanser. You have to pull up the nozzle and then squeeze the bottle. I was severely confused when the foam was only liquid. I didn’t use it the first day and the next day I took a shower, the foam was there. I am guessing that you have to let this cleanser “set” in a single location for a while before use. When you close it, there will be a small bit of foam that comes out of the nozzle, so be sure to grab that little bit.

Durability: I haven’t noticed any kind of change. Normally with my St. Ives, my acne lessens and disappears in the next day to couple of days. This is really nice, smell wise, but I have to say that it does nothing really for me that “cleans” my skin from impurities.

Pigmentation: White foam. This also smells really good, but can irritate on people with sensitive skin.

Budget: $6-8. I bought mine during double coupons at Harris Teeter.

Overall, I wouldn’t repurchase this.

-The Mermaid Network

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