I Don’t Know What I am Doing Wrong

No matter what side of retail you are working on you will get backlash and I have gotten more backlash in the past couple of weeks than anywhere else. I am a seamstress at a company and they keep telling me that my alterations are coming back short. I do pants hems mainly but I end up getting some other minor work. I do European hems that allow me to keep the original hems.

There was a guest today and my manager prepped the jean so that I could hem it. I got it and the pin wasn’t fully attached to the actual jean but it was even all around so I assumed it was the same. Nope, wrong. I did the hem and it was about 4 1/2″ when it should have been about 2″. My manager tells me to just wait and she will come back and talk to me. Bless her heart because she didn’t yell at me but she had me go through the process of how I hem jeans. Long story short, she just told me to do what I used to do.

It is just really frustrating because I am sure everyone at work hates me. They are the ones being told to make sure they pin the jeans right and now that my manager sees that it is too short that I am doing something wrong too.

I just don’t know what I am doing wrong and I am trying to be a happier person but it is hard when things keep happening that bring me down.

-The Mermaid Network

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