The Best and Worst Valentine’s Day

I don’t have a “bae”, “boo”, “sweetie”, “honey”, none of that. I actually made plans with one my best girl friends yesterday without even realizing that it was Valentine’s Day until my mom pointed it out. Valentine’s is a wonderful day, even though it is not a real holiday, to really think about the people that you love and appreciate them fully for one whole day, if not every day. So, I just wanted to share with you the best and worst Valentine’s Day I have ever experienced.

In the morning, I had to run errands and that meant going to the bank, post office, and getting food for my brother. Since we were both heading in the same direction I decided to just drop him off while I went to hang out with Pinkie and if you remember my past posts where “24” told me about how he likes her, well you will know my state of mind back then. Mind you this is back in August of 2014, but you can read it HERE.

Back to my Valentine’s, so I go to McDonald’s to get him some food and when I am going on campus to my old college, this woman is there where I am dropping him off and there are signs that say “NO DROP OFF/NO PICK UP”, which if you know the reason why, please tell me. There were no events happening in that area and it was a Saturday! A Saturday! The woman let me go on up because I said I was going to turn around since I was already halfway up without a way to go back down unless I kept going up. So, I quickly went up and dropped off my brother and when I turn around and come back, the woman says to me in the meanest and most stern voice, “Don’t lie to me, don’t ever do that again.” Okay, what would she do? She was not in a campus marked vehicle and wouldn’t write me a ticket so she just had to be sour on Valentine’s day? I thought of a good come back but it would have been rather mean, but it was “Well, Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!” I swear, I do my best to be a good human being at all times but some people are just so mean. If she had just said nicely not to do it again I would have been fine with it and apologized. I just told her sorry and went on my way with the real need to cry because she basically made my Valentine’s sour. But, really, please tell me why a public campus would block off parts of campus on a weekend.

Now, I head to Pinkie’s apartment right across from school and I pick her up, she doesn’t drive, and we go to a sushi buffet where I was done after two plates…shocking. After the buffet we went to get frozen yogurt and after that, we went to the bookstore. I felt I talked a lot but it might have been my imagination, who knows. Also, I know that this is random but I love to read romance novels and for the most part I avoid letting whoever I am with know that I like to read them but with Pinkie I felt comfortable because we were making jokes about some of the names in the books and talking about them like any non-romantic book. I dropped her off and we promised to hang out again at another time. I think it will be a monthly thing but who knows. Also, I know that the descriptions with Pinkie are really short but we did have a lot of conversation about random things from people to anime.

I went to pick up my brother a couple hours later and we decided to help my sister pick up her items from Hot Topic. Can I tell you not to go to a mall on Valentine’s Day? I cannot tell you how busy the mall was! I haven’t seen a place so busy since Black Friday or Christmas time. I literally couldn’t find a spot and had to part by the sidewalk with my flashers so my brother could go get the stuff. Yikes! It literally took us at least thirty minutes to leave because people were getting antsy and blocking traffic when they should have waited. My brother, sister, ad I decided when I waiting at the bank drive through that we would buy our parents cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Was this a huge mistake too? Not really, we got there and the line for cheesecake alone was long but the wait for food was all the way back to three hours. Three hours!? Some folks just left while others decided to brave the wait and eat at 10 PM. It took my brother and myself an hour to get our cheesecake and we parked on the other side of the mall because The Cheesecake Factory parking was atrocious. Also, the line for the Cheesecake Factory was all the way out to the sidewalk where valet parking is.

I have yet to eat my cheesecake but I am sure that you will see a picture on Instagram very soon. After all that craziness from both malls (The Cheesecake Factory is connected but outside of the mall) we went home and I enjoyed spending the night playing Candy Crush and Clash of Clans and starting a new anime before going to bed.

How was your Valentine’s Day?

-The Mermaid Network

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