Style Me – Fire


Stay warm tomorrow with either your loved one or a movie on the couch because most people are probably in the latter…at least, I will be. Anyway, enjoy tomorrow and if you don’t have that special someone, treat yourself and be good to yourself.

Now, that we are done with that pep talk…Fire is always moving and so these images below are inspired by that. Really, that is all I have to say about fire since it is something that really entrances a person.
So this is more of the physical embodiment, in terms of hair, and I can see hints of blue, can you? The way that the model is flipping her hair looks like a flame.
Flowing Flame. I think that I would call this image that. I love the different colors that the hair has and the way that it flows.
A bold red, like a bold lip, is how this image coincides with the other two. I love that this red dress is flying free in the wind and is elegant.

-The Mermaid Network

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