Chipotle Sofritas


I am a Chipotle fiend. No, really, you can ask anyone in my family, they know that 9/10 that Chipotle is my #1 choice. I will say that it was a surprise that they made something called “Sofritas”. I am glad that they are really thinking about people who are vegan and vegetarian. Out of all the food chains that offer food that isn’t from a frozen bag, Chipotle sure knows how to make sure that you get a good healthy meal…even when they can be stingy sometimes about how much they give. Stay tuned next week for my opinion on the Sofritas.


This is basically a PSA of sorts to tell you that this is something that will either change your life or you will pass it by without another thought. But, I definitely recommend it, even if you are a carnivore and want something meaty.

What do you think?

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