How to…Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I think that as much as beauty is discussed that beauty needs to evolve from materialistic items like makeup and fashion to just the naked self. I think that once I got into college, I cared less about what people thought of me physically and wanted to make sure they knew me mentally and emotionally.

I like ________ about my body. This can range from your eyes to your feet. A couple of things I actually really like about myself is my lips, and my left eye. Wait, Tiffany, how can you like just one eye? Well, that is because my right eye tends to change eyelid shape when I am stressed and in general doesn’t have as much lid space as my left eye. Weird, right? Well, I also like my ears because they have an indention on both ears that makes it look like I have two ear piercings but I have never gotten them pierced. The small things that I like make me accept the imperfect-perfect parts of myself. I am not skinny and I am not the most amazingly beautiful person on the planet, but I am me and I think that there is a beauty to individuality.

Bullies will go nowhere, kill them with kindness. This is more of a mental thing since you have to make sure to stay mentally healthy when it comes to your physical body and others. Just because someone bashes you for your physical appearance, you don’t have to. I think that if I could go in the past that I would write a note to every person who bullied me and told them what I liked about them. I know that can be hard but you can be as shallow as physical appearance or deep as how they treat others. Sometimes people attack because they feel they must in order to keep appearances and that is unhealthy behavior.

Standing naked in my dorm room. Now, this may be hard if you have a roommate but if you have a single room, this should work for you. After the shower I would literally stand in my room naked, most of the time with a towel, but even without a towel I just did played on my iPad. I didn’t sit or anything, I just stood there and played games on my iPad, checked on social media, etc. Now, it is kind of hard to do that since I live at home but my time in the dorm rooms really helped me relax in my body and not be so uptight.

Chances are, if you have it, someone else does too. I have cellulite and I am only 21. I thought it was a bad thing but it doesn’t really matter because so many other people do too so it is nothing to be ashamed of. I have a mole on my left inner arm, cool, and so do so many others who have moles that are in more obvious places. If you look at the big picture, you will realize that it is okay the way you look. I have acne scars but I don’t try to hide them every day with makeup because I have conquered acne for the most part and I am proud of that. Battle scars, you know?

How do you like to feel comfortable in your skin?

-The Mermaid Network


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