Learning Who Your True Friends Are


The image above is the truth when it comes to true friends and there are even more things that I have to say about knowing who your true friends are. In honor of my birth month I think it is time for everyone to stop playing games and really stick to your real friends because you don’t need people who will stab you in the back or just flake on you.

1. Trauma. I know that this sounds awful but whenever there is a trauma in your life, whether it is mortal or silly, it is always good to know who is there to listen to you. However, if they aren’t there to listen to you, it may not be their fault. Whenever someone says that you should drop what you are doing, sometimes what you are doing is extremely important too. Well, how will you know if they are a true friend then if they don’t come right away? If they ask you and want to make sure you have everything you need the next time they see you, they care and they may feel guilty. Trauma is not a time for you to make someone feel guilty, it is a time for you to gather support and stabilize your life.

2. Rumors. Rumors are not true most of the time but people will start them no matter what you do. If you have known a friend for a long time you will know when something is just not true pertaining to your friend. However, if you are gaining a new friendship it is best to keep an open conversation flowing.

3. Not Annoyed. I kind of became that friend that constantly contacted people and it wasn’t because I wanted to. I hate contacting people or making the effort because having interactions really tire me out. I haven’t met one person who suffers through an annoying person or someone who is constantly trying to find out what you are doing every second of the day. I flat out tell my friend that I am talking to, “I am sorry if I am bothering you, just let me know!” My feelings won’t get hurt too bad because I don’t want to waste energy on people who aren’t willing to put in the same effort. Thankfully, everyone I have stayed in contact with is really nice and actually care.

4. Step Away. This is possibly the best thing you can do to decided for yourself who you want to keep in your life. I left college late last year and being away from everyone made me realize who I wanted to really keep in contact with.

5. Bringing Out The Best and Worst. The friends I have been around bring out the best in me and that may not always be the most positive side of me. I have one of my friends who I could tell everything to and she has seen me at my worst. I have complained to her about things in my life stressed me out and also people who really made me frustrated. She never judged me and I appreciated that. I think that when you have true friends, they never judge you because you are telling them something bad about the person you know or whatever. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and you have to respect that and their trust in you. This basically means, you cannot go blabbering to that person about what someone confided in you, unless it is detrimental. I have two friends who are not on the same page and one kind of bashed her, the other has no problem with her. You kind of have to let them figure things out.

What helps you find a true friend?

-The Mermaid Network

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