Review: Pantene Pro-V Pantene Pro-V Fine Touchable Volume Hairspray

 photo B8DCE03C-C16D-44DC-86EF-F70B4D916FEB_zps2wdjagp3.png

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I cannot tell you how excited I was and then the slight disappointment of this product.

Packaging: The plastic is hard but you can push it in if you apply too much pressure which makes me think that you could possibly bust it by dropping it. This has a spritz nozzle, not a spray nozzle, if that makes sense.

Durability: I think that with the claim to be ” touchable” that you want to be able to still feel the silkiness in your hair. When I had been trying this out for the first time, my hair lost the curls. My hair takes styling pretty well so when it fell flat after the day  was done when other hairsprays I use don’t, I was disappointed.

I tried it out again for a Christmas party and sprayed a little more, trying not to overspray, and it did get a little crunchy in certain areas so don’t spray too much in one place! However, spraying too little will make your hairstyle leave faster. What I like the most is that the smell of this is not overpowering or smelly, this has a lovely scent to it.

As for volume, I would say that this give you a little extra boost and also keeps flyaways from getting out of hand.

Pigmentation: It is clear.

Budget: Approx. $4.

I think that I would purchase this again because it smells really good and it does do its job as long as you don’t overspray.

-The Mermaid Network

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