Style Me – Flynn Rider

[Disney Wiki]

I think that if Flynn Rider was a real man that he would make all the girls swoon and all the men angry. Flynn is a playboy, for sure, but he softens and falls in love with Rapunzel. So, what do you think he would look like in real life? I find Flynn, in my head as a person, to be modern and classic at the same time, pushing the boundaries.
Slick and cool. I feel that those are two words that describe him…until he opens his mouth and gets himself into trouble.
A modern day horse? Okay, nothing will replace Max but this sure is a pretty spiffy outfit and has a rouge feel to it that I think Flynn has.
I had to put this in! I love the bright pants because Flynn to me is a flamboyant character who speaks his mind.

-The Mermaid Network

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