Review: St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub + Mask

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I think that I have found the cure to dry flaky skin and how to make sure that you makeup sits without showing each flake. I had an immense problem with flaking skin and it was awful, but using this before applying moisturizer, it helped a bunch and my T-zone is happy.

Packaging: Like a toothpaste tube, this is really easy to get product.

Durability: The greatest thing about this product? The fact that you can use it as a scrub for a quick rinse or you can relax and get in the tub with this one. The mask is meant to stay on your face for about five minutes but I have found that sometimes I will need to leave it on longer to let it dry. I use this as a scrub and once I wash it off, my face is soft and smooth and those flakes that wouldn’t leave are gone.

Pigmentation: On the package of this bottle above, you can see the swirl of product and that is the similar coloring and those little specks are grains that don’t rub harshly against your skin, they just kind of smooth away any difficult patches of rough or dry skin. The smell is also rather strong compared to other St. Ives products so if you don’t like oats, you may not like this.

Budget: Approx. $3.99-$5 depending on where you are and where you get it. I would recommend Walmart or Target since both places sell them for about the same price and for a good price. Sometimes Target will give coupons for St. Ives.

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