ShopaHAULic 33!!

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany and I kind of have an obsession…want to hear it? I love The Little Mermaid. Okay, that was not really a fact you didn’t know. I recently used my Hot Topic cash this past weekend and I am so happy to share with you what I got.Before I do, let me explain what Hot Topic cash is…for a period of time Hot Topic promotes earning Hot Topic cash for every $30 you spend. Each cash is worth $15 off of $30, or $30 off of $60, it depends on what you buy when the promotion is happening. Well, I had three of them, I bought a lot but they were definitely presents, I swear! So, I had 3 $15 off of $30 cash vouchers. In total I had to spend $90 and that would lead me to hit $45.I bought all of this myself and there is a shirt that isn’t featured which would be the one that I bought my brother, it is the t-rex that has the trash picker upper things and says “I am unstoppable now” or something similar.ALSO, before anyone freaks out about how much I spent, I earned the cash so I could purchase this stuff. I know that not all of it is on sale and I only bought things that I knew I would enjoy. I always hunt for a deal and when I get to safe $45 on a $90 purchase you bet I am going to utilize this! Now, let’s get into this haul!2015/01/img_0602.jpg


50% off! These were definitely expensive at $39.50 but half of that and they came out to be around $19.



$8.50 I have way too many Ariels mugs…do I care? Nope. I would regret it later.



Nautical ring, $5.00 and clearance, woop! The butterfly earrings are for my sister, only $3.00!




I have had my eye on this for about a month and became ecstatic when they had a good amount of them. A really cool laser cut pocket watch with an iconic moment as the face of the necklace! $14.50



No judgments, alright? I love Rarity from My Little Pony and there is not enough merch out there for her, so I had to buy it! Not to mention she is a pre-release and a vinyl. $18.50



$1.99 and it is the cheapest thing and possibly the most meaningful because “I’m a mermaid” describes me too well.

-The Mermaid Network


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