How to NOT Get Tired of Your Pandora Station/Music


The magic wonders of Pandora. I don’t know how I would find half of the artists I know now without Pandora. I remember getting into a slump with my Lana del Rey station because I didn’t know about the station seeds section. This is kind of a PSA for all of you, in case you are getting tired of Pandora, worry not! Also, I am not sponsored by Pandora, I am sure they have tons of money, I am just trying to help you guys out because I know I cannot listen to the same music when I am working. When I was still at my old college I would get really tired so I started to add more station seeds.

Station seeds are in your station details where you can add any artist that you want.

For example, I have my Lana del Rey station and in the mix they play a song by Haim. I add Haim to my station seeds and it plays more Haim and other artists along with anyone who is affliated in genre to Lana del Rey.

I think that the best way for someone to get new music without losing their favorites is to add an artist every two weeks or month, depending on how often you listen to your Pandora stations. I have about twenty or more station seeds because I am all about variety, though my Lana del Rey station is more of a depressing one, but it really mellows me out after a long day.

Also, this helps you de-clutter all of those stations that you don’t listen to. Yeah, you can totally create a mix but if you listen to that mix a ton, why not just combine to make it one channel? You can also change the name of your station to something like “Awesome Mix #1” (high five if you know that reference).

So, there you have it folks, get to those station seeds and listen to more amazing artists!

-The Mermaid Network

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