Current App Game Obsessions

Apps and music combined are the one thing that really calm me down or get me ready for the day. I love to think that I am so cool with my iPad, but I really just like to use it for entertainment and keeping up with all of you. So, here are the apps that I am constantly playing.


No one plays this anymore! Okay, may they do and I hadn’t touched this game in over a year but had reached level 425 before getting so stumped I got angry. I decided, “new year and maybe it is time I defeat this because I saw that Ellen Degeneres had someone on her staff finish it”. I became determined and I have jumped about 10-15 levels since and plan to finish it…unless I get frustrated again.


I love seek-and-find games but hadn’t become obsessed with one of them in a while because they had no story and when they did, they didn’t interest me. I kept finding this advertised and…they got me. I am on Chapter 4 right now and it is getting good! I love that there are puzzles that you have to piece together to move the story along and every time you play the round, you earn points to get a badge. You also get to expand your land and let your inner designer come out to decorate the island. I definitely recommend this game if you love seek-and-find games.


This game has caught on like wild fire. I love that this game is intriguing because you get to learn new stuff every question and it challenges you to remember that useless information that you thought no one cared about. You get to earn the characters above which means you win the game. I suck at sports and Trivia Crack isn’t shy about telling me it is my worst category every time the dial lands on it. You can sign in with Facebook and challenge all of your friends and if they EVER challenge you, IT IS ON.


I haven’t played it much since I got stumped but I am not giving up and still playing. Bubble Witch 2 is a game of strategy and precision which is a lot of fun and the way that the game looks is beautiful. It is kind of like matching colors while avoiding all of the hurricane/tornadoes and sad gloomy things that turn your colored ball into one of them.

-The Mermaid Network

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