Style Me – Lissa Dragomir


Lissa Dragomir is a princess in a royal family, she is the sole heir in the book series Vampire Academy. There is a movie adaptation, if you have read last week’s post, you will know what I am talking about with the fact that I didn’t like some of the costume choices. I have a lot of personal knit picks but I really did not like Lissa’s dress in the dance and here is why: Rose mentions in the movie how Lissa loved Hot Topic and all of that until she turned 12, if I am not mistaken and so her dress doesn’t really speak to who she is now. Not to mention that in the book, Lissa is described often with a lightness and royalty. Anyway, before I rant anymore, these would have been my choices for Lissa, the opposite of Rose Hathaway.
Lissa, to me, is a light and feminine character who has always stood by being a lover, not a fighter, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have her fair share of mistakes.
I can honestly see Lissa in this because she is someone who is trying to avoid the limelight but can’t because of her status. I think this is simple but has a quirkiness that adds to Lissa’s character.
Fun and cute and feminine. Lissa, described like most Moroi (good vampires, essentially) as model-esque and can basically wear any kind of clothing and still make it look chic.

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4 thoughts on “Style Me – Lissa Dragomir

      1. Yes, books, because of their length, have so much more depth and meaning. The characters, because you can see into their heads and hearts, are also more interesting. I didn’t like the movie personally, but at least the greatness of the series was acknowledged in some way. xoxo


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