Gall Dangit!

Alright, so I know that I missed a post yesterday! I am so sorry! I have been surprisingly busy even though I am not going to my second part time job. I have decided to change a lot of things that have made things strained when it comes to computer time. So…here is why I was absent yesterday…

I was cleaning my room. No, not just cleaning, reorganizing, getting rid of things, opening my closet that has been blocked off by other stuff for over ten years. Of course, I could still get into it but it wasn’t until last year that I actually put clothes I wear in there. I also have moved some more furniture items, like a closet and plastic drawer rolling carts. I still have a mess on my floor and it sucks but it is a process that I am hoping to have done by the end of January…we shall see how that goes.

I have been grabbing things that my mom won’t let me donate and trying to sell them on eBay. Mainly clothes is what I have since I don’t wear a lot of it and my mom thinks that donating the stuff is a waste of money but I find it to be more helpful for other people. I guess to each his own. I am just hoping that this stuff sells, otherwise I am making sure it is donated. Some of the items I have had since May of last year and that is just telling me that I just need to donate it unless I convince my parents of a yard sale which I know they won’t do.

I know that this was no excuse by any means and I am so sorry but I was really tired yesterday after moving stuff around and making dinner for my family. I hope that you all don’t hate me!

-The Mermaid Network

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