Incorporating Marsala Into Your Beauty Routine



Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I thought that for all of my Fleeters who like to see what trends are happening, Marsala is the new…black? Okay, nothing can really replace black but I thought I would find a couple of pins from pinterest that you can use to incorporate something you might have to go with this marsala color of 2015 trend. If you would like to view more details about any of these images, follow the link to lead you right to the pin pictured!

Three interesting #makeup tricks!


I love playing with color and eye makeup and I think that if any of us have a bronze/neutral palette of some sort in our makeup collection that we may stumble upon this color. I love this smokey eyed look with marsala because it really makes the eyes pop without being some crazy color like neon highlighter yellow on the lids. I think that anyone who wears nudes, in general, can easily incorporate marsala into their daily routine.

I actually posted a picture on Instagram that you can see HERE. I swear it looked so much better in person and that this picture doesn’t do it justice.

Sephora + Pantone Universe Pure Marsala Dupes & Comparisons


I don’t know about you but I cannot muster the strength to spend over $6 on lipstick and that might change. However, right now I would like to stay budget friendly with lipstick since I don’t wear it every day. In the image above on the left you will see the Sephora lipstick called Pure Marsala and on the right are three dupes that you can incorporate that range from nude marsala to a brighter marsala. If you click the link above you can see more dupes that might suit your tastes better.

Get a jump on this trend and wear Marsala now! Pantone chose Marsala as the color of the year and we're loving these marsala nail shades!

A nail polish for everyone in every price range so you can enjoy marsala no matter what. Marsala is a beautiful nail polish color to try if you are not interested in adding to your makeup collection or having another lipstick. Fall, marsala is such a fall color that I will see this, probably, all the time on nails.

Of course, you don’t have to follow trends but sometimes it is nice to be able to purchase something new to add some spice to your makeup/beauty collection.

Do you like marsala?

-The Mermaid Network


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