Top 3 – Critic’s Choice Awards

I missed the Critic’s Choice Awards and felt sad because I didn’t see any advertisements for it anywhere. Aside from that, I congratulate all winners, the ones who went home with an award or not, and will now tell you my Top 3 of that night!

David Oyelowo arrives at the Critics' Choice Movie

David Oyelowo definitely did something right! I love menswear but it can be a bit monotonous and, honestly, they can get away with wearing the same outfit every red carpet if they wanted to. I will say that the lining of his suit jacket is wonderful because it isn’t some crazy color but it has meaning. I don’t know why the buttons on his shirt are two different style though…

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie doesn’t disappoint in this beautiful gown. I definitely love that this is classy while still adding dimension so that she is not just a woman in a sheet of fabric. The way that the dress drapes makes this look like liquid gold/silver. I think that this dress hints at both silver and gold in different lighting and angles.

Ethan Hawke

Guys have stolen the Top 3!! A first in the Top 3 history, but it hasn’t been that long. Anyway, I love this suit that Ethan Hawke is wearing! What caught my eye was the piped suit jacket! I think that menswear is really stepping it up this year so far! I like that the whole outfit is gray and black, minus the shirt, because it really makes me look at each detail that one might gloss over. I love that the pocket is black so it adds a really cool addition to the whole outfit.

-The Mermaid Network

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