It’s Time to Take TIME For Yourself

With everyone working and sleeping and working and sleeping, etc. the routine is getting to be a bit much, isn’t it? I think that it is time for all of us to take some time for ourselves and just enjoy time away from everyone. Sometimes, most of the time for me, the best thing to do is to stay in solitude and do what I like.

Right now? I am typing this post in my basement, enjoying my iTunes and drinking some yummy tea that has sugar in it. I am from the South and I must have my sugar! Okay, I am sure not everyone from the South needs sugar but I sure do. Also, right now, it is the future because you are reading this almost a month after the fact. A whole month!

Isn’t that cheating?

Well, technically, yes, but I feel that it is important me to make this a statement for the new year. I want everyone to take time for themselves.

I don’t normally have time now that I am working two jobs but I do know that I am much happier when I am enjoying something that I am doing. I love to watch television and that is something that helps take the stress of the day away.

All in all, do what you love to do when you have down time and if you don’t, make some. I want you to at least take five minutes for yourself if you really can’t spare more. Seriously, happy time is the best time.

Update: Hi Fleeters! Yes, I am writing this today and I wrote this a month ago but I am happy to say that I have been keeping up with Me-Time. I am happy to keep it that way for as long as possible.  Currently, real time, I am on my bed typing this pudate out because I wasn’t called into work, woohoo! What I want to know is what you are doing with your spare time? Do you play games? Do you watch YouTube videos? Let me know in the comments!!

-The Mermaid Network

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