Please Meet, Felicity Smoak

If you don’t to read the journey of how I got Felicity, you are more than welcome to just scroll down to the bold print!

I am a pretty happy camper right now because I have a new laptop. Miss Fanny, my previous laptop, died because the screen wasn’t working and I had already changed the screen and keyboard (it hadn’t been working either). I lost Miss Fanny in August 2014 and so I was laptop-less for a while. I had been on the hunt for the “perfect” replacement and none of them were cutting it. No one was making disc drives for cds/dvds and most were over my budget. I wanted to stay under $400 since Miss Fanny had almost cost $500 and only lasted three years. By the way, in case you are curious, I owned a HP Pavilion G4 in red.

My requirements going on a laptop hunt:

1. Red, it had be red like Miss Fanny.
2. CD Drive
3. Less than $400.00
4. 14″ (I prefer that screen size)

I didn’t want another HP product since I was displeased with what happened to Miss Fanny. However, I had seen Chromebooks and fell in love with the color options that HP provided. I love computers with some style because they are what get me. I also love the price of these, $299.00 for the 14″! I couldn’t find anything that was coming close to my requirements but the Chromebook checked out on two of these. I decided that the HP Chromebook 14″ would be mine but held back.

The memory on the Chromebook is only 16 GB built in. After much consideration, I decided it wasn’t a big deal but I still held back even when my heart was set on the ocean turquoise color. Around November 2014, HP released their newest line of Chromebooks, the HP Chromebook 14 Nvidia Tegra K1. I fell in love with the mix of the snow white/ocean turquoise exterior and the fact that this Chromebook was fanless. “Nvidia” stands for the processor inside which is fanless, much like your cellphone and tablet which have no fan. I also found out that this one had a micro SD slot, a minor set back I can live with.

I won’t go into much more detail since I haven’t had Felicity for long, but she is a wonderful laptop so far! I will also say that it sucks that there are no silicone keyboard covers for this laptop! If you know of any, please let me know! Also, if you would like to look at this computer, click here.

Felicity Smoak

No, that is no misspelling, that is how you spell Felicity’s last name from the CW show, Arrow. I actually had been thinking about the name the day after New Year’s Day since I had just ordered her. I wanted something witty or cute. I knew that Flounder would have been cute but Flounder isn’t turquoise. All the other names I had come up with just didn’t fit. My sister was in the car with me and she told me to name my computer someone smart, she has a Macbook named Hermione, and the first person to come to my head was Felicity. I love Arrow, it is the one show that I literally look for every week. [Who is ready for the winter premiere on January 19th?] So, yes, her name is Felicity and she is awesome thus far!

What kind of computer do you have? Plus, I hope that you are having a good day/afternoon/evening!

-The Mermaid Network

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