Being Sick Sucks

Whoa, whoa, another post? I may post more than once in a day or a week. I don’t know how often that will be since sometimes my life isn’t too exciting but I thought I would share with you what is really going on right now.

Sometimes the word “suck” is seen as amateur or unintelligible and I am using this term today because being sick really sucks. I am typing this out this morning because I feel immensely better but I will tell you that yesterday was a real struggle to get better.

On Friday I stayed up until three in the morning to help my sister with her wedding invites for a friend. I didn’t feel amazing since it was so late in the morning but I felt okay.

Saturday rolls around and I am sniffling and my nose is running, my throat is dry, and I am tired. I go out with my sister to Wal-Mart for the get together she was having later that night. I made fruit salad and I made way too much.

Sunday comes and I am just a mess. My head hurts, I am sniffling every two seconds into tissues. My sister and her roommates decided that they would see the last Hobbit movie and asked if I was coming. I hadn’t seen the Hobbit movies and had decided to watch Into the Woods but I felt tired and wanted to just pass out. I did watch Parenthood for a little while since I was not feeling well but after one episode, the internet decided to go in and out!

What to do?

Sleep. Best decision ever.

Actually, right now, I feel much better. I am not at 100% but I feel like getting out of my bed.

In case you wanted to know how I have gotten a smidge better, here is a list of things that I have done/used:

– Shower Every Day – My body was either freezing or sweating and that sweat can just build up so I just did my normal routine of showering daily which still helped immensely to feel clean and to “wash” the sickness away.

– Take Medicine – I took aspirin and ibuprofen, separate times, thinking my head was just hurting but when I got really sick I realized I needed something stronger. I took the generic version of daytime cold/flu sinus medicine.

– Vick’s Vapor Rub – I have loved this stuff as a child and even though I couldn’t breathe out of my nose recently, when I got home I put this under my nose and it has helped, oddly. I place this on my cupid’s bow even though they say you should place it on your chest but I have not coughed excessively.

– Eating & Sleep – I think that any person just needs food and sleep no matter how sick they are. Your body needs some kind of energy to help you fight off the sickness. I have found that even though I am not hungry, like normal, I still eat a good portion to make me feel better and then I go to sleep soon after. I know that they say you shouldn’t sleep right after you eat but when you are sick, the best thing to do is go to sleep as much as possible.

-Don’t Overwork Yourself – This can be hard since work is somewhere you want to move up and please the client or whoever. I had just finished work yesterday and a co-worker working on the floor asked if I could hem this pair of jeans. I will be honest and tell you that doing sixteen other pairs was a real struggle and I could barely do them without taking a couple of shut eyes for a couple of seconds. My head was hurting so badly and I felt like passing out. I just told my co-worker that I couldn’t do it because I was sick because I think that one more would have put me over the edge. Know your limits, please, I don’t want to know that one of my Fleeters passed out at work.

– Water* – Drink lots and lots of water, almost so much that you will be a walking water tank. Drink so much water that you use the bathroom often. Cleaning out your system with water is great. I definitely suggest having filtered water.

Right now I am not feeling too hot again. I am just going to be a couch potato and catch up on my soap opera. I am not going to overwork myself today. Maybe I will play some Trivia Crack.

What do you use to help you get over a cold/flu/fever?

-The (sadly sick) Mermaid Network

*I absolutely forgot the most important thing you can do aside from sleep!

What do you think?

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