Preparing for 2015!

Hi Fleeters! It is the official last day of 2014 and I hope that you all will find ways to make this last day go out with a bang whether that be by spending time watching television or going to a party! I have thought about a couple of ways that I will be preparing for 2015 and wanted to share them with you.


The Year of Good Jar: I just made the name up but I want to make a jar full of the good things that happen to me in 2015 when they happen and hope that they will fill up. In the post yesterday, there is a video about making goals and I think that it would be a good idea to do that when I feel I have more control over my life in the sense of stability and decisions made by the university I am still waiting to hear back from. I had a pretty good year, I would say, but I think that I want to put the memories of the good on paper so when 2016 is upon us, I can share all the good from 2015.


Calender of the Simple Things: Most people buy calendars so that they can have the cool images that go with their favorite movie or author. I think that having a calendar should be to help you remember the simple things. I know that most people have their phones and tablets but having a separate calender, away from the clutter of your day job, can help you feel organized. After New Year’s Day, all calendars for 2015 will go on sale for a short period of time and that is the best time to grab yourself a copy. What should you put on your calendar? Well, I can’t dictate that but I can tell you what I would put as suggestions:

– Birthdays –
– Get Togethers –
– Trash and Recycle Pick Up Days –
– National Holidays (if they don’t have them) –
– Clean Up Days Around the House –
– Projects (like that new dresser you want to put together but haven’t yet) –

All of these things above are separate, mainly, from your busy life working and it helps you keep track of your personal needs, time with friends and household chores, to keep you at your best.

Home and time for yourself: I think that when the year begins to get crazier for everyone that they lose themselves. I think that the most important thing that we can all do in 2015 is take out time for ourselves every single day. I know that it can be hard. I know. I have found that when I come home that I immediately take a shower and relax by watching a show while eating dinner. After that, I might get back to work, but when I come home it is to relax. So, if you need to continue working and your complex is closed? Go to a coffee shop or somewhere that is open late so that you can get the rest of your work done. I think that people tend to forget that the home that you live in is for yourself and for you to shut the world out.

If you really can’t get home, take a break in your office (or wherever) and play a game on your phone or take a power nap. You should know your limits and respect yourself enough to take that time away from working 24/7.

I hope that this helps you all for your new year and leave comments down below if you have something that you are aiming to help you through 2015!

-The Mermaid Network

P.S. I know that life can get in the way with curve balls thrown at you, but just remember to put everything into perspective before answering to something you may get overwhelmed by.

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