Not a Big Deal, But…

Okay, there is a friend of mine, the girl that I thought was good for a guy friend of mine. I have been contacting her every now and then but ever since I left the university that I attend, she hasn’t really been talking to me. I contacting her three before this final time and we have chatted. I contacted her today and she sees the message and doesn’t respond.

I think that this is all in my head…

However, I will say now that it is something that has been on my mind if she has a different opinion of me. I see her as a close friend and it makes me sad when I am the only one in the relationship sending out a “hello” or just checking in. I feel like she isn’t as invested.

Friendships, to me, are all about keeping in contact and I don’t do that with many people. I just feel like if she doesn’t want to be friends that she should just say so because I don’t want to force someone, nor do I have the time to be friends with someone who doesn’t care.

For any of my younger readers who are struggling with maintaining a good friendship, find those who support you rather than bring you down and that actually want to know about you and not sabotage you. I kind of went off base from the above but your true friends are the ones who stick with you through every rumor, lie, tragedy, all of the bad that leads to the good.

-The Mermaid Network

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