My First Christmas Party

I hope you all had a good holiday off from work! I know I wasn’t going to post until January but life never stops for a blog. So, December 20 was my first Christmas Party.

Since I don’t have a car right now since my grandma came back from China, I have to be trotted around by my dad. Thankfully, a friend of mine said she would pick me up.

She was late. Really late. The party was more of a drop in and lasted from 6-9. I was picked up at 8 and the drive was 30-40 minutes. We ended up staying until about 9:30 and then went to On the Border which is my new food jam!

I didn’t really interact with my professor’s friends but by the end we had all kind of become aquatinted. I don’t really think that holiday parties are as bad as birthday parties so I enjoyed it.

I may not be ready to ever be at a huge party, but I can at least say I am slowly moving towards being civilly sociable and not awkward turtle.

What do you think?

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