Hypocritical Father

So, my dad has been really hypocritical these past few days and it is driving me BONKERS.

You are driving too fast. You turn to fast. The list goes on. You need to know your car. My dad had me drive a car that will probably become mine. I love my car, an Infiniti, which he plans to sell. I am driving this new car and my turns are “too sharp” and “too fast”, I need to slow down. Also, I should know the car within five minutes of sitting in it because, if I don’t, I am an invalid for not knowing. Clearly, I will get to know the car but not within the five minutes that I just started driving! Seriously. When I am sitting at my neighborhood entrance, you need to cross four lanes of traffic, apparently I am no prepared for it because and I should take the other neighborhood entrance (just turning right). I can understand if I don’t take that way everyday, but I do! Back off. I also overturn when I park, okay, that one time I did. Also, here’s the kicker, he picks me up after my shift and drives like a maniac, speeding past yellow/red lights and almost hitting a median. Not to mention that he was going well over 10 miles above the speed limit. Also, he told me to skip people by getting into the other Lane to avoid when they turn. I don’t mind waiting, is that such a bad thing?

I just wish my dad would stop telling me what to do with driving because there is no way that any two people will have the same driving mindset.

It’s our fault the brakes are gone. Two months I heard the brakes creak, it may have only been one end, but I heard it and I told my dad. He said he would check it out, he didn’t. A month passes and I have reminded him and do so again to remind him. Christmas Day comes and my dad drives us to my grandma’s. He tells us that we should have told him about the car and that the brakes were gone because, at this point, the brakes are metal against metal, scrapping. He says that my sister, who is driving the car, should have said something. He says it is her fault for always staying out late and never letting him have the chance to look at it. Now, it is and isn’t anyone’s fault since my dad ha seen struggling to earn money so he is always gone and my sister works from 9-6 and, with traffic, won’t be back until 7-7:30. However, for my dad to put all the blame on all the kids is inconsiderate. I take offense and that was on the way to my grandmas which was only 10 minutes, but still.

I hate people who don’t ask. Don’t be like that. This morning, my dad asks me to find the car keys and heat up the car since it was only 39 degrees this morning. I look in the drawer of the shoe rack where we keep the keys and couldn’t find it. My dad doesn’t put the keys back in the drawer, 99% of the time (truth). He was only gone for a minute and when he asks if I had started the car, I say no because I don’t know where the keys are. He yells at me for not asking him because now we lost time to get to my work. I am, at this point, I will be late because he got out of bed later and was on his computer. How is this my fault? I was ready by 8:20. He yells at me asking if I was stupid for not asking questions. I am getting sick of him asking me if I am stupid. I am not stupid, I put things back to where they are. What does he do? Forgets where he puts his keys every single day. Never once have I not heard him ask where his keys are. Not to mention he leaves the house to look at his yard or whatever most of the time and makes us go grab his coat, phone, vest, etc. Whatever it is, he is not prepared.

Now, I know that was longbut that is pretty much what I have had I go through these past few days. Right now, I am just sitting in Starbucks while I wait for my dad to fix the car brakes since he is doing that now and my sister to come get me so we can eat On the Border.

Just in case you are wondering, I have had a day to think and I am all good but I still find what I wrote above to be true.

-The Mermaid Network


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