Seeing My Best Friend

I will be honest, as usual, and tell you that I am a person who doesn’t keep up with people. If we didn’t have social media, life would be so different for me. I met up with my best friend who I met at orientation on my first day of college. I am so happy that we finally got to hang out and see each other, it only took me a semester to do so. We met at On The Border, which is a mexican restaurant, I would say Tex-Mex is more like it. I am not sure how true it is since I went straight for a yummy plate with chicken, rice, and veggies.

I thought it would be awkward to talk to her, as I normally do, and it wasn’t. I felt a little awkward asking about school but to keep conversation about life, in general, was actually really easy. There is one topic that I want to share because it is actually a pact of sorts? Not sure, but I thought you would enjoy since I am a hopeless romantic.

My best friend’s two roommates are close to her but one is eloping next year and the other is moving in with her boyfriend across the country and she doesn’t want a wedding. I don’t know about you but i WANT that wedding where I get all dressed up and have the beach swaying behind me. I want it all. My best friend said she wanted it too and so we decided to become each other’s bridesmaids! It may change over the years but I hope that I would get that invitation to her wedding.

Also, people are getting married left and right or in relationships all of a sudden! Has anyone else noticed that increase?

What do you think?

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