“Thanks” eBay

So, this post is not a hip and happy one, though my life has been nothing but nervous energy and this is just setting me over the edge.

A customer contacted me a week ago about their package not being delivered to them. I looked at the receipt and it was one I had added tracking to because it was so small and I didn’t want it to get lost. I sent them the tracking number and even looked up the item on USPS to make sure it had gotten to them.

Here is what I found out: the package had arrived and it was at the front desk. I sent them both the tracking and a screenshot of the information of the tracking going from my post office to theirs. I thought the matter had been handled- nope.

eBay customer service contacts me to let me know that the buyer contacted them and a couple hours later, eBay let’s me know that the case has been closed and has favored the buyer. So what does the buyer get? A full refund.

How in the world can someone who has all of this information get their money back? No, I did not fill out the tracking on eBay because the buyer did not contact me for tracking. In my details section I note SPECIFICALLY that if they do not contact me, and it is a first class item, that it will be shipped without tracking. I actually ADDED tracking out of consideration and fear it would get lost in transit. I guess no good deed goes unpunished.

Update on the last debacle? My feedback score still hasn’t been fixed and it has been over a month. I have to call them again and make sure that they change it immeediately. I am just unhappy with the way eBay handles situations.

What do you think?

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