Every Finger Will Fall

It is no surprise that my incident with my middle finger on my right hand being sandwiched between a metal door would stop the trauma. The incident I just mentioned happened almost two years ago and I have the gory pictures to prove it. I lost my whole nail bed for about a month and it took a couple of months for it to recover fully.

In two weeks time, my left hand has been attacked…well, accidentally anyway.

Thumb: My fingernail had a break in it and then, of course, when I was pulling my jeans up, it tore out.

Pointer: Okay, this is possibly the dumbest thing I have done. I ripped super glue off of the pad of my finger which took about three layers of skin, if not more.

Middle: The area where it is like a line between the pad of your finger and the next socket, it had a gash that hurt badly due to the colder weather drying my skin.

Ring: I got a cut on the pad of my finger! I mean, really?

Pinky: Safe and sound!!

What has happeed to your fingers/hand?

What do you think?

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