The Interview Process

I recently had my interview with my new school which has been both great and stressful after the fact. I can relax now that I know I don’t have to talk to anyone but I am still stressing because I have yet to hear back from them. I am supposed to hear back from them near Thanksgiving.

So, it all started on Thursday evening when my sister drove us to her home near the school (super convenient). I relaxed only slightly since I had to get titles of my sketches done because they had to go in. I woke up early and got mentally ready, surprisingly not too full of angst about the interview. We arrive at the “Welcome” center and I check-in and listen to the admissions leader that I had been emailing the last couple of weeks about my application.

We went on a tour, the tour was amazing, that is all. Just kidding, but we went on the tour that took everyone to various departments around campus pertaining to my concentration of design and production. I couldn’t believe the costume shop because it was two large rooms that were so organized and a well kept costume stock that had my jaw drop. I love that the tour was beneficial rather than just showing you what a classroom would look like or the lobby, etc.

Lunch break. I ate with my sister in the cafeteria which was pretty small but held a good amount of people.

The interview…a group of five of us walked over to the building where the interview would be held. I was surprised and happy that it would be in a place that I felt comfortable. The interviewers had those who were not being interviewed yet talk with some of the students who were working. Once my interview came up I was happy to know that they were kind and really interested in my work, not to mention that they read my artistic statement. You guys, what college actually reads that? I have never heard of a college referring to an essay/artistic statement without needing to refer to the document itself.

I seemed to have made a good impression because one of my interviewers, once we were done, took me over to a student who had transferred to the university. She was extremely informative and when she had some pressing business, with a costume fitting, to handle, she didn’t even leave me alone because she took me over to another group so I could pick their brain. I appreciate all of the information I gained.

However, I did stay an immense period of time, say two to three hours longer than everyone else who had interviewed in other departments and saw my sister ready to pass out. Oops. I apologized profusely but I wanted to make a good impression since the interviewers did mention that they weren’t sure if I would adapt well. She understood (because she is the best sister ever!) and we both went home so I could make some yummy alfredo.

I hope I didn’t break your eyeballs since this was pretty lengthy but you are welcome!

Thanks for staying with me Fleeters!

-Fleeting Mermaid

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