I Got My Husband Work!! + Update of Where I Have Been!

So many of you know that my laptop failed me and I miss her dearly. Her name was MissFanny. Since then I didn’t have a computer with internet and had to use my mother’s laptop. I thought about this two weeks ago and, voila! I have a computer. I named my computer “My Husband” because he can do me no wrong…is that weird? Anyway, I got him connected to some internet source and now I can easily do what MissFanny did.

I know that I have been nearly gone for a month so let me explain what has happened…I had my interview with the new school and I really had to concentrate on that. By no means should I have been radio silent but I needed to focus and if I spent my time writing about stressing out I would get more stressed for not working on my portfolio. My post on the experience with the school will be next week since I may go into some detail. I have also been working hard at my two jobs and something really brought me down this week that had me wondering if my manager was like F-prof from my previous university.

SO much to type with so little time so I will leave you all with that and you will be seeing some new posts from me since I can actually relax a little now!


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