Munchin’ Ikea



There is nothing more scrumptious than a good salad, preferably with chicken and a rich chocolate cake! I will be honest, both of these aren’t the most amazing, drop dead, to-die-for food so let me tell you what I got from these items. When you go to Ikea you will ready!

First off, not pictured, meatballs. You can never go wrong with their Swedish meatballs, YUM!

Southwestern Salad – I can’t remember if that is exactly the name but it is considered Southwestern. The salads are all stored in a refrigerated area on a plate. I think that the ingredients, even with the dressing are just bland and wished it had more but if you added some pepper that would be good. I have to say that the star of the salad was the corn which actually made this salad something I would get again. The corn was so sweet and added a sweetness that this salad really needs.

Chocolate Cake – Not the most moist but definitely rich! This chocolate cake has three layers with the middle layer being the cake. The cake is smooth, which is a plus, and not so rich that you can’t finish it. Well…I am obsessed with chocolate so maybe it doesn’t matter how rich it is.

-The Mermaid Chef

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