Woah, Woah! Back Up Lady!

At the mall recently I was in line at Starbucks and this woman in her mid-fifties to early sixties walks in behind me and another girl in line. I am waiting behind the girl and the woman gets in line behind her as if she saw nothing. I will probably say something but the woman leaves to a table, looking for something in her bag. The girl orders and when she is almost done the woman is there behind the girl again.

I step in to order and I could feel that woman behind me! She physically touched my bag and was invading my bubble. I turned after ordering and she was right there without giving me much space to love without literally sliding past her.

Honestly, no one was behind her and she made it seem like if she wasn’t the next one that she would die. Calm down, deep breath and back up.

Do you have any weird Starbucks stories?

What do you think?

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