Tips and Tricks for Applying Lotion

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I thought I would post this before next weeks post which deals with lotion. Here are the tips and tricks for applying lotion that I have quoted/learned:

1. Place lotion on the back of your hand. Whether you have a pump of tub, always take the lotion on the back of the hand and rub them together first, then use any residual lotion for the palms of your hands. This method helps you keep your hands away from greasy hands or if you just want to be quick with applying lotion.

2. When purchasing in a store, test before purchase. This is a pretty common thing that everyone knows. However, if you have extremely sensitive skin to scents and fragrances, definitely out on more lotion than you normally would from the testers and leave the lotion on for a long time. If you sense any irritation or need to itch it could be likely that you may be allergic to something in there.

3. apply with wet hands. Of course I don’t mean dripping wet but when you come out of the shower your hands still have moisture and, to me, that is the best time to apply since your skin is more “loose” since the pores are open.

4. Always carry lotion with you I struggle with this big time. I suck at always having lotion on me but I am going to try and start getting better at it by using a travel bottle or old lotion container or moisturizer container to keep in my bag. Now, this does take up room but if you are someone who is always going from one work place to another or traveling, a large bag comes in handy all the time.

I hope that this helps! Leave a comment down below of your lotion tips and tricks or if you have any questions!


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