People On eBay Can “irk” Me…

I sell stuff on eBay, nothing strange, right? Here is what I do to prepare an item to go out and what I put in the details…I make sure that everyone knows that first class items are not given tracking unless requested. No international shipping.

This person wins an item and I sent it out back in September, the 5th to be exact. I didn’t get a message until the 20th. They seemed genuine at first, asking me to advise. I told them that because no tracking was purchased that all I could do was give them the USPS PID# (package identification). I apologized that it would inconvenience them but it would help them get information on the package. They were upset and said it should have been there, clearly upset. I knew that they hadn’t contacted their local USPS because they were still blaming me. I advised them once more to contact the USPS politely with the number, I even sent them a picture of the receipt.

A couple of days ago, I checked my feedback and wondered why it had gone down. I was offended that the person hadn’t even contacted me about a refund because I thought after not hearing from them that they had gotten the package. They had said they were “very disappointed” that their package hadn’t gotten to them and that they weren’t offered a refund.

To me, the fact that they think a refund is the answer immediately is absolutely ridiculous. I always work with my customers for the best solution without compromising my guidelines. I had been nothing but helpful and hoped that they wouldn’t be so revolted by the idea of picking up their phone and call. I also wanted to be sure if the package had gone missing. I sent them a message about how it wasn’t fair to give me that kind of feedback. If they don’t answer back I will be contacting eBay to have them look at this issue.

Keep in mind that I stated that if they did not purchase tracking that it would not be included.

Yep, just needed to let the fumes out.


3 thoughts on “People On eBay Can “irk” Me…

    1. Absolutely. I actually offered them a refund, gave it to them, and yet they still have not changed their feedback.

      My advice: Just stick to your guns and be polite always, a message war against a buyer can nasty unless you both come to an agreement.

      Hope it all goes well!

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