My Manager is the Best!

Monday, September 22

I think that it is extremely rare for someone to work under a great manager who is willing to go the extra mile without compromising personal time or causing more drama. My manager at the place I work two days a week came in on her birthday recently and she was in such a good mood. I had to fix some rivets on jeans and two pairs needed the same kind of rivet. There were only three rivets and I needed to fix four of them…You can kind of already tell where this is going…right? Well, one of the jeans that only needed one I did first. Worst. Mistake. Ever. I messed up and it only left me with two of the same color for the other pair of jeans that needed three.

I ask my manager to come in the back to look at the other and she covers for me absolutely with the guest saying that the one of them had been faulty. The customer accepted the darker color rivet. THANK GOODNESS. You can imagine how relieved I was. The jeans I work on are between $49.00-$200.00. I know that it was absolutely my fault and I would have taken the fall but things turned up and she was so nice and sweet.

Best. Manager. Ever.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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