I Feel Naked When I Cook

So, I have been out of a computer for a couple weeks and all of my files are on that computer so until I can get that resolved I thought I would talk to all of you about the thing that most chefs/cooks don’t talk about. I don’t know about you but when I cook I feel like I am naked.

When I cook I don’t go by a recipe because to me that is too restrictive. Yes, I can see it for a baked good or a really specific cooked item but for my own meal I like to experiment because it is something that gives me a thrill. I love to taste new flavors and try new things when it comes to cooking. However, when you ask me to cook for someone else…that is a whole other issue. I feel as though my cooking is not good enough even though I want it to be good enough and please whoever I am feeding. Thankfully it is mainly my family but I have cooked for my workplace and have gotten pretty good responses. I am no Bobby Flay by any means but I am a relatively good cook I would say. Out of my family it would be my mom and then me who are most likely to cook since my mom does so every day (thanks mom!).

So along with not feeling good enough, I have anxiety for cooking because it is almost like baring your soul. Food is something that reveals a lot about a person, I believe. You find out what they like and don’t like in their food, what flavors they dislike or like, even what they are allergic too since that will definitely come up in conversation. Food really helps people connect with other people and even though I feel like I am exposed when I present my food, I love it when it connects people and makes conversation.

How do you feel when you cook?

-The Mermaid Chef

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