How to Deal With Negativity or Sadness on Facebook

1. Delete
There is a lot of negativity that can go around so you should delete those who are typing away behind their safe zone of a computer. If you go to school or work with them you can always ignore them by walking by them and greeting them. There is something that really offends a negative person by you going on the high road. Some may say you are being run over but by killing the chance for them to pick on you, just walk by and say hi or make eye contact and keep movig.

2. Happy Things
Personally, I like pages of people I admire or places that are beautiful in the world which makes me feel much better as a person because it puts things into perspective.

3. Think If It Were the Other Way
Commenting something rude or “true”? If you are the one who finds someone ugly, pause. All people are beautiful and that doesn’t mean just physically. So many people on Facebook will call someone else ugly or stupid, something they would not normally say to their face. Just think before you type because you know that there will be people who may say the same thing about you which causes a never ending circle of mistrust and hate.

Hope that you all will find something on Facebook greater than selfies or stalking peoples photos.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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