I Didn’t Realize…

I didn’t realize that my campus had started moving back in until…Facebook. I know that sounds ridiculous but since I decided to leave it has been a good change that I am still adjusting to. I like that I don’t have to go back but I miss my close friends.

What I don’t miss is that volatile environment that made me feel like I was unworthy and couldn’t do what I loved without jumping through countless rings like some trick pony. Having heard from graduates about what they learned didn’t learn really puts into perspective that my university doesn’t help the students. Intro classes are not going to get students through the real world. It makes us struggle even more than we are now.

I just hope that anyone of you who is working in the office, retail, as a student, etc. that you are happy because you will only be miserable. I chose to leave college which has my family on edge but I know that it is better than spending another year and a half paying over $11,000 per semester only to be given a degree that has no meaning or accomplishment behind it.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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