Freshman Year Move-In

I know that is around that time when people move in to their new dorms at college. Most think, “FREEDOM” or “FINALLY I GET TO HAVE SOME FUN”. Unfortunately I did not feel the same since my move in was a little different than most.

Quick backstory: I got accepted into the spring semester at the university so everything was pretty different for me.

My brother attended the college I did two years before me so he was a junior. I moved half of my stuff into his dorm room since I also chose to live in the same dorm as him. Moving was stressful since it was like moving into a space that was too small. I felt slightly claustrophobic so I rearranged my room but not before having everything inside…I am so smart, right? Well, once everything was moved in my parents were leaving to go back home 30 minutes away…I cried. Literally. No shame at all since it was in public with people walking by the loading area.

I think that move in day for people will be stressful but it can also be mentally challenging. I only lived 30 minutes away but this was the first time I had actually been away from home. Sure, I spent the weekend at my aunt’s or grandma’s but I had never been to a sleepover with “friends” or been away from my siblings, even though one was three floors below me.

So, for anyone who is really nervous, I have been there and I can tell you that what helped me calm down was organizing and making my room my own since I lived alone. If you get the chance to have your own room, do it, I know it costs more, but if you get immense anxiety or get stressed…this is an option.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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