Review: Bath and Body Works Shower Gel

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I have to say that this product is really good if you want to smell good for a little while. This product lathers really well once applied to the area and if a loofah is used it works even better. I have sensitive skin so I can’t use their lotions but I can use their body wash..weird.

Packaging: it is so hard for me to remember how many times they have changed their packaging for these items. However, I think that these are nice and sleek and the cap is easier to pop open for convenience. Now, when they change body wash packaging again this may or may not still be valid…we shall see.

Durability: The scent doesn’t last ages but lasts about thirty minutes to an hour.

Pigmentation: Depends on what scent you get. The consistency is smooth too though, which is good.

Budget: These run about $8.50 and that is pretty expensive so unless you have a signature scent or these are on killer sale, which is when I buy them for $2-$3 I think you can pass.

My favorite BBW scent is Peach Bellini and Wild Honeysuckle

What do you think?

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